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Andy & Catherine Kenedy

Andy & Catherine Kennedy

KKi England National Leaders

(YWAM England)

Andy and Catherine, with their children Noah and Grace, love to be a family serving Jesus together.

They passionately believe that everyone has a part to play in building God’s kingdom and fulfilling His commission, whatever their age.

Dave Pavey.jpg

Dave Pavey

Kids Pastor 

Dave is the kids pastor at Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Northern Ireland.

Karen Allen

Karen Allen


Karen is a renowned author, speaker and Bible teacher. Her passion is to inspire, empower and help others to transform their lives. Her desire is to see people, particularly women and young people overcome obstacles that have prevented them from living an optimal life and she is most enthusiastic about topics surrounding identity, integrity and intention.

Ralph Goldenberg

Ralph Goldenberg

Minister, father & grandfather

Ralph Goldenberg is father of Olly Goldenberg and the grandson of the Chief Rabbi of Sudan. He was born in Khartoum, in 1945, to Jewish parents and raised as an Orthodox Jew. He came to know Jesus as his Messiah in 1980. Ten years later he was ordained as a minister in the Church of England. You can read his biography: Find the truth and lock it in your heart.

Fatima and Eewei 1.jpg

Eewei & Fatima Chen

Missionary Family

Eewei and Fatima, with their children Ethan and Faith, spent four years in the Middle East serving God and loving people from all nations. As a family they have missioned to Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. They believe obedience to God means going where he wants and doing what he says no matter what. They are currently part of Emmanuel Evangelical Church

Curtis Clewett

Curtis Clewett

Father, Missionary & Author

Curtis Clewett is a cross-cultural mission leader, businessman and “spiritual entrepreneur” who has produced media, built leadership courses and launched thousands of youth in outreach programs around the world. Curtis and his wife Patti currently live in Barcelona where he serves as Chairman of the European Leadership Team of KKI. 

Dom & Loo Bird

Dom & Loo Bird

Lead Pastors

Dom and Loo are the Lead Pastors of Sunnyhill, a church based on the South Coast. Dom is passionate about seeing the church grow by lives being

transformed for the glory of God. Loo is passionate about seeing people connect with their purpose in the local church serving God with their gifts and time.  She has a burden to see people who don’t yet know Jesus find Him and live His perfect plan for their life.

Phil Hawksley

Phil & Barbara Hawksley

YWAM Missionaries

Phil & Barbara are part of YWAM Holmsted, Reaching out to schools and ministering to their four children, this couple have invested much in their own family to see them grow in their knowledge of God and into their full potential.

Rachel Turner

Rachel Turner

Parenting for Faith Pioneer

Rachel has worked in a variety of churches as a family life pastor, children's pastor and youth pastor since 2004. She consults, speaks at conferences and runs training days for parents and church leaders around the UK and Europe.


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