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URGENT: Are your children being groomed?

Recently a group of people were discovered who want to actively promote sexuality in young children whilst erasing gender boundaries. One of the leaders of the group stated, ‘We no longer call people ladies and gentleman and boys and girls.’ The new term they have introduced: ‘Dreamers.’

Talking about media promoting overt sexuality to children, another exec said, ‘I kept going and no one was trying to stop me.’

This large group have stated that they will work against laws that prevent the sexualisation of children. Yet the police do nothing. The very thought of this makes me sick. Who, regardless of their worldview, would want to stop the sexualisation of children?

It seems like some kind of dystopia we have entered when this is not a fringe group. Instead this group is a household name, loved by children, that is actively working to destroy childhood.

What is this group? How are they being allowed to erode childhood innocence and natural science?


Yes, the one with the cute mouse and lively songs. The group whose core business is entertaining children. The group who should be a wholesome group. The bill they are opposing is in Florida, the state where Disney World is situated. The Governor, Ron De Santis, recently passed a bill to prevent the sexualisation of young children. The remit of this bill is to stop children, aged 5 to 8 from being taught sexualisation and trans ideology in schools. Parents should be the ones to talk to their children about this, as appropriate, not anyone else.

This is a common sense move that parents from across the political spectrum agree with. A child should not be encouraged to choose and change their pronouns before they have even learnt what a pronoun is. These children don’t need to be thinking about sex – they should be enjoying pretending to be racing car drivers, dinosaurs, princesses and dancers. Yet Disney have publicly said they will work to overturn this bill. Why? Why would you want to have permission to sexualize children? I am aware that my headline is sensational for this blog, but isn’t a desire to sexualize young children the very definition of grooming. Grooming can be defined as the process that an abuser uses to desensitise you – to make you less likely to reject or report abusive behaviour.[i] This is exactly what Disney are aiming to do – to desensitise a whole generation. The comments mentioned above were recorded in a leaked clip from a meeting of Disney executives. Listen to clip from Disney executives for yourself and make your own judgment on it (a quick internet search will show it). It brings into the open what many Christians have suspected: Disney is not aiming to entertain children, it is aiming to indoctrinate and corrupt them.

I am aware some have been avoiding Disney for decades and others have become more selective in consuming their content. Some of the concerns are as follows: Some will have rejected Disney because of the magic. I can see the arguments from both sides of the divide. Those who know the demonic realm understand that magic is not something to be played with, others see this as a way of allowing children’s imagination to soar and as such essential harmless. Others have rejected Disney because of the increasing portrayal of spirituality that pulls from God. Again I can see the arguments on both sides of this (although I confess I am more wary of the spiritual foundation of some Disney films and steer my children away from them).

Others have rejected Disney for decades based on the teaching on relationships. The model of the princess waiting to be rescued by the handsome prince can put an ungodly desire in young girls. The portrayal of dating culture in programmes for preteens can lead to a distorted view of relationships. In the words of Song of Songs, ‘do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.’ Again I see the arguments on both sides. For all these reasons I believe we as parents each have to decide our own line of what we will accept in our homes. The principles of guarding our children will be the same (and would be a long discussion best placed in another article) but the outworking of these principles will be different in each family. These are discussions many of us as parents have been having for years. But when the explicit aim of executives is to corrupt children now we must all draw a line. I am happy to be outspoken on this because what they are doing is, by definition, grooming children. Having worked with children in Colombia who have been sexually exploited I can not now stay silent on this. We simply must not put our children under the care of abusive instructors. We are not in a position to decide what Disney produces, but we do have the choice as to whether or not we fund it as it aims to influence a generation. So, in the light of this, here is my suggestion:

Firstly do your own research. Watch the clip. Weight it up with the Word of God. Ephesians 5 gives us some clarity on this. I quote verse 11-13: ‘Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.’ Then, if you agree with my conclusion, avoid Disney. Don’t visit the theme parks, cancel your subscriptions to Disney and avoid stations owned by Disney. They are not the only entertainment available for children (though they may want you to believe this) and we will continue to need to be vigilent and discerning with the media our children consume. But concerning Disney, in the light of their expressed agenda to pervert children, we should have nothing to do with them. I am saddened by this as they have produced some great movies. The Jungle Book was one of my favourite movies growing up and some of the more recent movies have been awesome. But it is time we fight to protect our children from this madness. ________________________________ [i] (accessed 4th April 2022).

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