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Early Steps with Jesus creche leaders training

If you work with under 5s and want to not just take care of them, but help them to encounter Jesus then this is the course for you.

What is it? A training course for creche leaders

Who is it for? Leaders of church creche groups

What's in it? Olly Goldenberg leads 6 sessions that come on DVD and online together with a workbook resource.

Session 1 – Babies in the Bible

Session 2 – Creating a Safe Environment

Session 3 – The Call on Babies

Session 4 – Discipline

Session 5 – Ministering to Under-5s

Session 6 – Child Development and Child Protection

The teaching sessions include testimonies, theology and ideas to try out.

The workbook has space for notes, discussion questions and a chance for you to put the principles into practice with the children while you reflect on your practice.

Why we made it?

The first five years of life are really important for faith development. We want to help people to move beyond baby sitting the children while parents have church to helping children to meet with God for themselves.

How much is it? RRP: £35. Currently on crazy sale for only £5 on our website.

Where can I get it from?

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