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Cold case Christianity

As a ministry we aim to resource the church with products that will strengthen faith and change lives. We often shout about the things we make, but we know there are loads of other great products out there.

Here's a great resource to help teach apologetics to your children so they can defend their faith.

What is it? A book helping children to investigate Jesus with a real cold-case detective.

Who is it for? Children aged 8-12

Who is it by? J. Warner Wallace & Susie Wallace

What's in it? Each book investigates the claims and weighs up the evidence of Christianity. Cold Case Christianity looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Using detective tools to crack open the case of a missing skateboard and the life of Jesus.

Each book also has an introductory video, worksheets and certificates online for those who want it. (Your children will also learn about being a detective too, which is pretty cool!)

It also has a brilliant website:

Why we like it at Children Can?

Our children need good clear apologetics to know that our faith is not blind, but is reasonable based on the evidence. With so much doubt thrown at them from the world, this series will help them to defend their faith and ultimately share their faith with others. The story line is fun and easy to follow.

This series not only has great evidence but is so clear and accessible. I highly recommend it!

How much is it? £9.99 each book

Where can I get it from? Available from your usual bookstore.

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