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Calling all parents


At Home with God SERIES 2?

What is At Home with God?
A TV series for Christian parents.
What is the purpose of the programme?
To equip and encourage Christian parents as they pass their faith onto their children.
Who is creating this programme?
At Home with God is a TV series hosted by Olly & Helen Goldenberg from Children Can and produced by TBN UK for airing on TBN.
What is the structure of the programme?
Each episode consists of two parts. Firstly, we will follow a number of families on a journey as they develop their spiritual nurture in the home. Secondly, we will interview special guests.
What are you looking for?
We are looking for ten families who are able to come to the London area for filming and teaching sessions (TBN studios are based in Neasden) who would be willing to participate in the programme. Most importantly we do not want perfect families who have it altogether! Instead we want families who are willing to go on a journey with us over the next three months.

What types of family are you looking for?

We are looking for all types of Christian families to be represented in the programme: Parents raised in Christian homes, parents who are new believers, single parents, blended families, married couples. Ideally our families will reflect a cross section of denominations, cultures and backgrounds.

What will be required from the families?

  1. An initial interview (filmed) to hear some of the challenges as well as some of the joys of faith development at home. We are looking here for a raw assessment of your spiritual life together as a family.

  2. Journeying with Olly and Helen to develop a rhythm of faith and faith conversations in the home. We will be running a one-day seminar in London, followed by a couple of skype calls in the next few weeks. These will not be filmed, but are to help you grow as a family in seeking God together.

  3. A final interview (filmed) to describe any changes you have seen in the family over the past few months and what keys you found helped your family move closer to God together. 

How will this benefit your family?
As a family, you will receive support, input and equipping from Olly and Helen. You will also have a filmed record of how things changed over time. The parents who took part in series 1 were all very positive about the experience and impact it had on their family.

Some of the themes we will be covering in the training include:

  1. The power of blessing

  2. Screen time

  3. Helping your child hear from God

  4. Stages of faith development

When will this take place?
We have now agreed key dates with TBN for this series as follows:

  1. Wednesday 3rd July 2019. This will be the initial interview at the TBN studios. We are hoping to hear a benchmark of where you are at as a family in terms of bringing God into the home and also to capture the challenges of raising children in the Christian faith so that viewers will be able to relate to you and your family as well as see something of the journey that you take as a family. The actual filming for each family will last approximately 20 minutes and we will be able to give you a morning or afternoon slot nearer the time, so if you can only make one of these slots please do let us know.

  2. Saturday 6th July 2019. Training day 10am-4pm. Venue tbc. On this day we will be sharing some keys and principles for you to apply in your family.

  3. Follow up conversations. At a time of your convenience Olly and Helen will chat with you over the phone to see how things are developing and to support you.

  4. 25th-27th September Filming week. Some families will be selected to return and share their journey of faith over the past few months, highlighting things that helped and what difference it made (as well as sharing things they tried that were not so successful to encourage viewers to give it a go!). Families who are chosen for this filming will be required for a half day, either morning or afternoon, on one of these days.

Please can you book these dates in your diary and let us know of any conflicts you anticipate as we plan ahead.

Deadline for applications: With filming due to start, please complete your application as soon as possible.

Summary of dates and time commitments:

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